• Naughty Connection is a community of people who love to enjoy their freedom of sexual fantasies; including, buying and selling used panties, socks and other used items in a safe, discreet and fun way.

    Website guidelines

    1. There is no sharing of personal emails, kik or personal social media’s.

    2. All personal information must be kept private, with the exception of buyers and their shipping information.

    3. All sales must be done through the site. No sharing of cashapp, PayPal, Venmo or any other currency exchange. You can pay with a credit card, it shows discreetly on your account as NConnection. If you are still uncomfortable, please use a prepaid visa.

    4. Our goal at naughty connection is to make it a safe and fun place to share all your naughty fantasies. All commission and fees are placed back into development of new features for the site as well as marketing to bring in new sellers and buyers. If sales are found to be done directly rather than through the site your account will be disabled as it defeats the purpose of why we created this platform. Thanks for understanding!

  • You are more than welcome to leave your face out of your shop and profile photos. Some buyers may prefer to see who they’re buying from but everything is up to you. Just be sure to have lots of photos of the item showing all the details to grab the buyer’s attention!

  • Yes! The greatest value of Naughty Connection is everyone’s personal privacy. You need not share any personal information whatsoever. The only exception is buyers need to share information for postage, whether it be a private P.O. Box or your home address. Whatever’s most comfortable for you.

  • At Naughty Connection, we’re doing most of the logistical, technological work and marketing to provide the most customers for you. While there’s no fee to sign-up or list items, we do collect a small percentage of sales to cover our costs. It’s 7% of each sale completed. Trust us, keeping everything private and safe is well worth the small fee.

  • It's easy to get started. Just click the link right here and follow the instructions. https://naughtyconnection.com/become-a-seller Remember, there's no need to rush into this head-first. Take your time and feel out what you're looking for.

  • Many of our buyers use private P.O. Boxes to receive packages discreetly. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

  • Each and every one of our sellers is personally verified for authenticity. We collect their personal information, ID, and require age verification per law. By doing this, we ensure the person listing the items is the one who signed up.

  • Yes! Feel free to message the seller prior to purchasing to set that up and make sure your request is something they are comfortable with.

  • Yes, the seller prints the label directly from the site which includes a basic return address but no name. The seller is asked not to label or include anything extra on the package exterior.

  • Be different and showcase your style. You need to strike a balance between letting buyers get to know you and maintaining your preferred level of privacy. Detail what makes you different, the adventures you’ve had in your underwear and what potential buyers can look forward to receiving in the mail. The more pictures you show and details you provide, the greater your chances of building a loyal following. Also consider sharing your shop link with other communities you engage with, that already know you and other social media platforms. Copy your shop link/URL in the browser’s address bar. It should look like this

    https://naughtyconnection.com/sellers//your shop.html

  • Absolutely, the demand for used panties and other fetish items has been around quite some time and isn’t going away anytime soon. The more you put into it the more you will make. Sellers with more than 5 pictures, always adding new items with a good backstory and description, who promptly reply to messages and even share their shop elsewhere are most successful.

  • We provide all the necessary tools to create your own personal profile to attract fans and potential customers. You have complete control over the way you portray yourself and the services you offer. Immerse yourself in our fan network and build your customer base with an attractive image, expressing your own sexuality. However, for safety reasons never include your real name, address, email or phone number.

  • Problem transactions don’t happen often. If there is an issue, contact the seller directly asap. If all else fails, then fill out the support form. We will then act as a mediator to come up with a solution fair to both parties. Majority of the time, miscommunication is the issue which makes it quick to solve!

  • NConnection is what will be displayed.

  • Please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, contact us!

  • All shipping labels are automatically defaulted to print a return shipping label with our P.O. Box for you privacy and protection. Our suggestion is buy shipping supplies like envelopes (6×9), tape, ziploc bags etc at a dollar store.

    If you do not have access to a printer, office stores such as staples, office depot and the UPS store offer these services at a small fee. Just email your documents to their store, they usually have guides on how to do so inside the store. Tape the label onto the sealed envelope. Most stores work with usps, therefore you can leave your package with their department. Ask if they can weigh it for you just to be sure it’s not over the weight limit. The store which works with usps will ship it out for you.

  • We need to verify you are of legal age to sell and produce adult content. This information is strictly for verification purposes on your file and will not be shared with anyone.

  • Currently, are paying out via check. We are working hard to meet the requirements to handle payments via an online processing company but in the meantime we appreciate your support and patience! We hold payments for 2 weeks to verify that the buyer has received there item, after that you can request a check be mailed to you. We allow you to request up to 2 checks per month, most seller’s cash out bi- weekly. Here is insturctions on how to set this up!

    1. From your seller dashboard, click “settings” then click “transaction settings”
    2. On this page you will verify that checks are active by selecting “yes”
    3. Then just simply fill out your legal name as well as the address you would like the check mailed to.
    4. You will also need to upload, fill out and sign a W9, this is legally required for tax purposes. We will not be able to process payments for someone who does not have this on file. A downloadable version is available on the page.
    5. Click “Save”

    When you are ready to request a check simply go to the “transactions” tab and click “send me a check.”
    Your check will then be processed and mailed within 3 business days.

  • While we are working hard to provide a quick and easy transfer to your bank account, processors require the adult industry to adhere to strict minimums as well as being an active business for some time. As soon as we meet these requirements we will be setting this up and will notify sellers as soon as it becomes active. Currently we are paying through check mailed to your address on file and will allow cash app payments for certain circumstances. If you require cash app payment please contact us at [email protected] for approval.

  • We use addresses to send your payment checks to. We also use addresses to automatically calculate the shipping for your prepaid shipping label when a purchase is made. All this information stays private and the label will include the businesses return address not yours.

  • Any United States seller who opens an account with naughtyconnection.com is required to fill out a W-9 tax form.

    NOTE: If you are an International content creator and you wish to be paid to a US bank account, then you must be approved by the Accounting Department for this type of payout.
    ALL shop owners are considered self-employed / independent contractors (regardless of the country you live in).
    Please Note: As a shop owner you are NOT an employee of Naughtyconnection.com and you can not claim to be an employee on any legal documents.

  • As a United States citizen and an independent contractor, if you make $600 or more over the course of a tax year, it is required that we report these payments to the IRS on an information return called form 1099-MISC. We will use the name, address and Social Security or Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the W-9 form you submit to complete the 1099-MISC for each United States shop owner who meets the requirements to receive one.

    Anyone who does work for a company but was not an actual employee of that company is required to fill out W-9 federal income tax forms for every company for which they performed non-employee work. W-9 forms are known as “information reporting” federal income tax forms. If the company you performed work for is required to file any kind of tax return they must get your information. If your tax information is not already in their records, they will ask you to file a form W-9 to provide this info.

  • https://www.irs.gov/uac/about-form-1099misc
    We are mailing all 1099-MISC forms to our United States shop owners on January 31st
    You WILL receive a 1099 if…
    1. You are a US Citizen.
    2. You made at least $600.00 in revenue during the last tax year.
    You WILL NOT receive a 1099 if…
    1. You are NOT a US Citizen
    2. Or you DID NOT make at least $600.00 in revenue in the last tax year.
    If you are waiting for your 1099, please contact us by following the instructions below:
    1. You must wait until at least Wednesday, February 15th before you ask to have your 1099 resent to you.
    1. You must wait until at least Wednesday, February 15th before you ask to have your 1099 resent to you.

  • Please be aware you can not feature anyone else in your videos or photos for legal reasons. The video must only be of you, the verified seller.
    To add a video:

    1. From seller dashboard Click add downloadable product.
    2. Add a title, price, and quantity of the item you want to be available. Remember no extra work is needed when selling them so add a lot!
    3. Select a small 5-10 second clip of your video to show as a preview in your listing.
    4. Select categories that pertain to your video content, be sure to select “browse category” and “category” as well to ensure you show up as much possible (video category coming soon)
    5. Add a description for your video or photo set. What are you doing, how long is the video, and so on.

    6. You can then add an image that will show on the main page where listings are as well as in your shops listings.

    7.Last is to add your video(s). Please keep videos under 2GB if needed you can compress your video. Apps are available to do this if you don’t have one already. Then, click on add links and create a title and then add your video. If you would like to sell a bundle for a set price you can add multiple videos that will all become available after purchase, if you are only looking to sell individual videos add one per listing.

  • With the video/photo set feature you can add your custom and premade videos to be sold virtually! Once an video is added it becomes available in your shop, buyers can then purchase it, receive a downloadable link to their email shortly after, meaning you can make money in your sleep!
    Please be aware you can not feature anyone else In your videos or photos for legal reasons. The video must only be of you, the verified seller. However, the possibilities are still endless. You can also list the toy, panty, etc that you use in your video in a separate listing. Just think how much more valuable a toy that the buyer can watch you use in a video is. Please be aware physical items are still 7% commission and downloadable items will be 7% since the cost to run this feature is much higher.